Picture yourself on a Saturday afternoon 3 months from now, looking out over Lake Ontario with an iPad in one hand and an espresso in the other.

Suddenly a thought pops into your head and a smile comes onto your face. You just realized where you are and how easy it was to get here. Then you think, “I really should call my agent and thank them.”

This may not be you, yet. But, it could be soon.

And, you may not know exactly why an agent deserves a thank you so let’s put it in very specific terms.

Here are the Top 10 Reason to Put an Agent to Work for You.

  1. An exclusive search is setup in your name and as soon as something new hits the market we monitor it and you get an immediate call with this extremely time sensitive news.
  2. It takes years to cultivate relationships with the condo developers and in most cases it takes a very special VIP status to get deals in price, first choice of units and bonus upgrades.
  3. Your needs as a buyer are the most important factor in determining what buildings to look for. Few agents know the downtown core like we do and that makes everything easier to pin point the exact place you can call home.
  4. From balcony choices to gym facilities to entertainment to location to waterfront views to shopping – YOU want and deserve the best condo experience possible. Where is that exactly? In just 30 min of your valuable time you’ll learn the optimum choices tailored to suit your exciting lifestyle.
  5. Just the paperwork involved with your purchase can be confusing and overwhelming. Do you really know what you’re signing? Reading and understanding a contract properly can save you thousands and keep you out of court.
  6. There are at least 3 clauses in your pre-construction builder contract that are negotiable. Unless you’re an experienced agent, it’s unlikely you know what those are. And knowing what they are and how to negotiate them is highly valuable. That alone is the reason to work with an agent.
  7. How about this for a reason? You never pay more when you buy a condo through an agent and in ALL cases you pay significantly LESS!
  8. The only time you may pay market rates is if you want something extremely specific and are not willing to wait for the opportunity to repeat itself. This is RARE!
  9. Let’s say you come to us looking for a very specific situation, we can use our highly targeted list of agent contacts to find it fast.
  10. The best agents (like us) have a team of proven professionals to help you such as: lawyers, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, surveyors, insurance brokers and home stagers/designers.

Bonus Reason #11 – Enjoy an afternoon to tour the choices we’ve shortlisted for you. We plan it out. We drive you. We pay parking. And we may even take you to lunch.

Quick Story;

Joey told us he wanted a really fabulous place in City Place Condos. He wanted a big suite with both a downtown and waterfront view. He wanted large square footage, make it his own and renovate and an amazing waterfront view. And, he had a budget.

Within 10 days Joey got a great price on an amazing unit that suited his needs perfectly. His parents sent me an email to thank us. If you want to read it, I can send it to you.

I can picture him now sipping a glass of Veuve Cliquot Champagne that we gave him, looking out over Lake Ontario.

All that’s left is for you to pick up the phone, dial 416-380-2111, ask for Marc or Luci and let us help you find your dream condo.


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Luci Rizzo & Marc de Bellefeuille
Sales Representatives
Century 21, Percy Fulton Ltd. Brokerage

P.S. Your next dream condo is currently empty and is calling you into action. Can you hear it? Oh wait, you have to call… 416-380-2111.