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Absolute Towers!


One of- if not the most interesting developments in Mississauga are the Absolute Towers. These Mississauga real estate projects are a development of five, located at the intersection of Hurontario Street and Burnhamthorpe Road, one of the main intersections of Mississauga.


Of these, two are known as Building A and B respectively, and still under construction. Absolute World Three is everything you would expect in a modern Mississauga condo, and without the Toronto price tag.


The most exciting, however, are Absolute Word One and Two. Designed by design contest winning architect Ma Yansong, they certainly create a stir in the world of Mississauga condos! They are an asymmetric spiral, giving these buildings an appearance that can only be described as curvaceous. They have been nicknamed “The Marilyn Monroe Condos” by locals and the international community alike!


This Mississauga real estate development has been profiled in not only Toronto area media, but the New York Times and other international media! If you’re looking for an address that has downtown Toronto profile and “cool factor”, but without downtown Toronto pricing, this is the place for you!


 Now, you can’t choose an address on name recognition and looks alone. Fortunately, Absolute is no slouch in these areas either. Located close enough to easily access the Queen Elizabeth Way, but far enough that you can’t hear it, Absolute makes a commute eastward or westward towards Hamilton and Niagara easy! If you want to leave the car at home, Mississauga Transit and GO provide access to points across the GTA, including right downtown to Union Station. Airport access is easy too, and just like with the QEW, you won’t hear it from Absolute!

Amenities surrounding absolute are great too! This centrally located piece of Mississauga real estate is located close to Square One, one of the GTA’s largest malls- think a Toronto Eaton Centre or Yorkdale where you can actually find a parking spot! Sherway Gardens, featuring ultra-luxe Holt Renfrew, is located just across the border in Toronto to cover anything that Square one doesn’t.


Absolute World’s two 50+ storey towers also have their own recreation centre, featuring world-class athletic and recreational equipment. There are also plenty of parks nearby, and cyclists and nature lovers alike will appreciate the proximity this new Mississauga real estate address has to Lake Ontario.


Absolute World towers are a new piece of Mississauga real estate that you simply can’t miss!

New Condos in Toronto

Travelling into the downtown core of Toronto- whether by walking, automobile or Toronto’s iconic streetcar system, one cannot help but notice the increasingly dense skyline, and almost without exception, that the new additions to Toronto real estate are new condos.



In the highly desirable core, a house simply isn’t an option, and a condominium unit, for many, is not a last resort or a stepping stone to a detached home, but a highly prized home and investment in and of itself.


The buildings themselves are numerous as they are impressive, and are located near great amenities that simply don’t exist in the inner or outer suburbs. No amount of pre-formed stucco-clad “power centres” with their familiar village square motif can re-create the vibrant atmosphere of downtown Toronto.


Take, for instance, Lanterra’s Murano and Burano towers. Located on Bay between Grosvenor and College streets, they stand at an imposing, but not daunting 35-45 and 50 stories respectively. Living here places you incredibly close to the financial district- a 15 minutewalk or an even shorter bus ride. Taking the nearby 506 College streetcar would allow you to reach Chinatown and Kensington Market in 10 minutes, and the heart of Little Italy in 15. Basic groceries can be purchased at Metro in College Park, or Loblaws’ new flagship Maple Leaf Gardens store at Church and Carlton.

Another highly impressive development is the Trump International Hotel and Tower, Toronto. Don’t be fooled by the awkward name. Nestled brashly between the Scotiabank and BMO towers, and with a spire defiantly topping the former, it is quite the sight to see. A combination hotel and condominium development, it combines the luxury its developer is noted for, along with an unequalled location right in the heart of Toronto’s financial district.


Another development that stands out- literally, owing to its massive 66 story height, is Westbank-Peterson Group’s Shangri La. A massive glass-clad tower, rising from Adelaide and University, this condo tower is impossible to miss. With a name invoking mystique, one would expect an impressive interior and exterior. One look proves the latter, and a quick look at the website shows that the interior is similarly impressive. Location is a focal point for this tower. A view of Toronto’s new opera house is touted by the developers, but the advantages don’t end there. Queen West is a mere few minutes’ walk north, and access to Osgoode and St. Andrew subway stations is an equally short walk in either direction. The club district is close enough to easily enjoy, but far away enough that you can still be able to sleep Thursday to Sunday.


These exciting new condos developments additions to the Toronto real estate fabric are just highlights that you’ll notice first entering the downtown core. There are a lot more throughout the district and one that may be just right for you!



St. Clair West


One of the most overlooked pieces of Toronto real estate is St. Clair West. Spanning from just east of Yonge in Midtown Toronto, to Keele Street in the west, it is home to numerous shops, restaurants, condos, bars and almost everything in between.




The first thing you will notice about St. Clair West is the streetcar right of way. Toronto’s iconic streetcars make this street one of the easiest to travel by transit on, even during the heaviest rush hours and the worst weather. It also boasts time-based transfers which allow you to get off and explore, even if you don’t want to commit to a weekly or monthly Metropass. This makes it easy to live in or visit, even for condo dwellers without cars! The streetcar also conveniently connects to the subway at Yonge, providing easy access uptown and downtown, and also at St. Clair West Station between Spadina and Bathurst, providing direct access to Yorkdale, or an easier way downtown. These connections allow you to cover a lot of Toronto real estate quickly.


Starting at Yonge, there is already a lot to explore. At the intersection of Yonge and St. Clair, you will find branches of all of the big 5 banks in one block of real estate, as well as a Loblaws and a Sobey’s. Bagel lovers take note- Kiva’s and The Bagel House both serve up awesome bagels.


Going farther west takes you to ultra-trendy Forest Hill. If multi-million dollar estates are a little (or a lot) out of your price range, don’t despair, as there are many cool condo options. Just east of Avenue Road is Imperial Plaza. This condo is located in the former Imperial Oil building, and renovated into a modern living space. The late fifties accents remain, and add a lot of character- think Mad Men- and unparalleled views.


Accessible to almost any resident of St. Clair West is a massive Loblaws located directly atop St. Clair Station, and is one of the best in the chain.


Right at the intersection of Bathurst, you will find 530 Condos, a convenient and accessible piece of Toronto real estate.


At Christie, you will find The Stockyards, a tiny joint that serves up some of Toronto’s best barbecue- get there early before they run out!


Going farther west, the streetscape takes on a decidedly Italian flair. You could write a book about all of the little spots, but there are a few that really stand out. La Paloma, just west of Lansdowne serves up every flavour of gelato you can think of- and some you haven’t! Tre Mari Bakery, between Dufferin and Lansdowne serves up traditional breads and pastries, including a ciabatta that will have you coming back again and again!


St. Clair West is a vibrant and dynamic piece of Toronto real estate, and there is a house or condo waiting for you there!


Yonge and Sheppard


Yonge and Sheppard is, if not the geographical centre, the place where life in North York is centered. Home to shopping centres, schools, condos, movie theatres, restaurants and clubs, Yonge and Sheppard is one of the most desirable pieces of Toronto real estate in the north part of the city.


The Yonge and Sheppard intersection itself is occupied by the Sheppard Centre, a shopping mall that is home to not only shops, but several restaurants and Cineplex Sheppard Grande, one of Toronto’s largest movie theatres.

The other side of the Yonge and Sheppard intersection is occupied by Sheppard Station. The station provides direct express bus access to York University, and is the transfer point for the Yonge and Sheppard subways. The Yonge line will take you downtown in less than half an hour or north to Finch Station, the gateway for rapid transit north of Toronto. The Sheppard subway provides direct access to Fairview Mall at the corner of Don Mills Road and Sheppard Avenue. Along the way, its five stations provide access to IKEA, North York General Hospital and more.

Heading north on Yonge from the intersection of Sheppard leads residents of nearby condos and houses as well as visitors from across the city to some of Toronto’s best kept secrets. There is the Toronto Centre for the Arts, which offers everything from live theatre to performances by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Just north of here is the centre of the former Metropolitan Toronto city of North York. There is the Douglas Snow Aquatics Centre, which allows kids, adults and condo dwellers without pools to swim, and the North York Central Library, the second largest library in Toronto, and the largest that circulates books.

Across the street is another mall, Empress Walk, which is home to an Empire movie theatre (if the movie you want to see isn’t at Sheppard Grande, it will be here), and a large Loblaws on the lower level.

Farther up Yonge is a large Metro grocery store, tucked away on Church, and a huge assortment of Korean restaurants and karaoke bars.

It is not surprising that this neighbourhood at the top of Toronto is a huge node for development. There are many new condos for sale in this part of Toronto. Where there was once a strip mall on the southeast corner of Yonge and Sheppard, the Hullmark Centre is being constructed. This will feature a new condo tower, along with an eagerly anticipated Whole Foods. Right across the street, the stylish Emerald Park condo is being constructed.

Yonge and Sheppard is a truly unique and impressive Toronto neighbourhood that refuses to let itself be staged up by anything farther downtown!


Yonge & Eglinton

Yonge & Eglinton has always been one of the most vibrant communities in Toronto, and it`s hardly surprising that it is a node for new condo development in Toronto.

The Yonge & Eglinton neighbourhood is centred on the intersection that it takes its name from. On the northwest corner is the appropriately named Yonge & Eglinton Centre, which is home to an extremely popular Indigo (good luck finding a chair to sit in while you read the latest new release) and a 24-hour Metro grocery store. There are also branches of all of the big 5 banks within a block of the Yonge & Eglinton intersection, as well as 2 Tim Horton’s and 4 Starbucks locations in the same radius. Aroma and Bulldog Coffee serve up more exclusive brews.

Transportation in the Yonge & Eglinton area is one of the major highlights, especially for the condo crowd, who may find that car ownership is not even necessary. Eglinton Station provides subway access both downtown and uptown, and, not to be overlooked is the excellent bus service from the station. All but one branch of the 32 Eglinton West bus serve the station, including ones that will get you near the airport, as well as the vibrant shopping district on Eglinton west of Yonge.

Bus routes going east also fan out of Eglinton Station, providing easy access to Leaside, Don Mills, East York, and Scarborough.  Proposed light rail transit will make crosstown transit even easier to navigate

Shopping is a huge highlight of the Yonge and Eglinton area. Yonge Street, as any resident of Toronto knows, is essentially an uninterrupted shopping district between Front and York Mills, and is particularly great around Yonge and Eglinton. Everything from clothing, upscale sporting goods to electronics and home furnishings are available. Restaurant choices range, literally from McDonalds to North 44.

With all of these local amenities, it is hardly surprising that there are condos springing up all throughout the Yonge and Eglinton area. Redpath Avenue, located a few streets east of the intersection has long been a bastion of condo development, and you will find condos of every description on that street, ranging from apartment style to stacked and full townhouses.

Just south of the intersection itself are the landmark Quantum towers, developed by Minto. The south tower is an impressive 37 stories tall, while the north tower is a massive 54 stories tall. The views from these Yonge & Eglinton buildings are absolutely stunning.

Another highlight for the Yonge & Eglinton area is The Madison, a new development being constructed between Dunfield and Lillian streets right on Eglinton. This development will offer tower and podium suites, and a grocery store within the podium portion.

Yonge & Eglinton has, and will continue to be an exciting, vibrant neighbourhood.


Bicycles and condo living in Toronto

This past weekend (March 2-4), the Spring 2012 session of the Toronto International Bicycle show took place, and was it ever a sight to see.

Packed into the Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place, an interesting piece of real estate in Toronto, featuring late 1950s architecture, and less energy depleting air than the usual venue, the Direct Energy Centre, it was a tight fit, but nonetheless an impressive event.

Driving down to Exhibition Place in rush hour proved to be the greatest challenge, especially with all the new construction condo living brings to Toronto. However, it would have been possible to leave the car at home and taken the TTC right there, as there is direct streetcar access from Union Station to Exhibition Place.

The show featured everything a cyclist would be amazed by.

Road bikes were the show’s most prominent feature, and with good reason. If you know where to look (and a quick web search can clue you in), the city of Toronto and the long, straight roads throughout the GTA provide ample opportunities for long road rides without taxicabs banging into your carbon frame and stop-and-go traffic breaking your rhythm and chewing up your $400 Sidi shoes.

Exhibitors included some of Toronto’s finest bike shops, such as Gears, D’Ornella’s, La Bicicletta, Sporting Life and more.

Manufacturers made their presence known too. A real highlight was Bianchi, known for their iconic Celeste coloured paint schemes and high-performance geometry and components. This year, more of Bianchi’s catalogue is making itself into Canada – a welcome addition.

Mountain bikes were a welcome, if small addition to the show. Toronto and the GTA also have a wealth of trails to be ridden.

Perhaps the largest additions to the bike show this year were bikes aimed at the urban rider. These included an array of folding bikes. These are ideal for condo living and apartment dwellers, as their small size will not make a significant impact in even the smallest studio or 1-bedroom condos, and if one rarely ventures north of Bloor and its attendant hills, the small diameter wheels will do just fine, especially for getting you to work and back to your condo. You can cover a lot of Toronto real estate on a bicycle and is ideal for condo living.

Cruiser bikes also made a real impact at the show. Built for style and comfort rather than speed or rough terrain, they would find themselves equally at home in a condo by the Beaches or a Brian Setzer Orchestra video.  Coming in a huge array of styles and colours, these newly popular machines are aimed at the leisure cyclist, and are easy to ride, especially through Toronto’s bike path system in parks.

There are so many new projects for condo living in Toronto and what better way to get around than on a bicycle! Cycling is an integral part of Toronto (and not just for weekend warriors or condo living dwellers who won’t, or can’t afford to buy a parking spot), so stay tuned for the fall addition of the show!