Don Mills


One truly unique piece of Toronto real estate is the neighbourhood of Don Mills. Located just to the north and east of the geographical centre of Toronto, it is home to shops, condos, parklands, and quick and easy access to the Don Valley Parkway, which leads right to the centre of downtown Toronto.


Don Mills has the distinction of being Canada’s first planned community, and contrasts greatly with earlier neighbourhoods. Previous real estate developments featured tall, narrow yet deep houses, often semi-detached built on grid pattern streets. Lots were very narrow- sometimes with only 15 feet of street frontage! Parking, if it existed at all, was in laneways behind the rows of houses.


Don Mills changed all of that. Houses in Don Mills are typically detached bungalows, with wide frontage, built on winding streets. This ensures calmer traffic and less road noise. Homes also have fewer stairs to worry about!


The centre of the neighbourhood is the Shops at Don Mills. This unique piece of real estate features shops, restaurants, cafes and two grocery stores- mid-market Metro and the ultra-upscale McEwan. The Shops are well-served by transit, with frequent service by the Don Mills and Lawrence buses, as well as ample parking- both in the public parking garage and several spots located in front of retailers.


If you’re looking to live in a quiet neighbourhood, but crave more excitement than the Shops at Don Mills can provide, access to downtown is just as easy. The Don valley Parkway is at the eastern border of the neighbourhood, and is served by onramps at York Mills, Lawrence and Wynford Drive. Bus routes also provide frequent service to the Bloor-Danforth, Yonge and Sheppard subways.


With all of these amenities, it’s no surprise that Don Mills provides an attractive location for new condos. The real estate here is also less expensive than many other areas of Toronto. There are existing condo developments centred on the Donway, which are especially good if you’re looking for a large, quiet condo.


For those seeking a brand new condo, or are looking for their first piece of Toronto real estate, a variety of new developments are springing up around the Shops at Don Mills. These developments include Flaire, which offers modern units starting in the 200s, LIV Lofts, featuring dynamic loft spaces- a rare and welcome addition to Toronto real estate north of Bloor, and Reflections, featuring  large, superbly appointed condos.


Don Mills is a truly interesting and part of Toronto’s real estate landscape!



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