Leaside one of Toronto’s favourite neighbourhoods

Leaside is a high demand neighborhood housing many middle to upper income families who value the wonderful schools, the green spaces, and the proximity to downtown via the Bayview Avenue extension, not to mention the access to public transit. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family.

In North Leaside there is access to a wonderful park system via the Serena Gundy Park.  North Leaside is located on the north side of Eglinton and has somewhat more of a suburban feel to it than South Leaside. North Leaside, developed later than South Leaside, is home to some popular schools including Northlea Public School which has a popular French immersion program as well as a Montessori school.



South Leaside, located south of Eglinton, is the older part of the neighborhood, also has great schools, and has a very quaint feel with its close proximity to Bayview Avenue which is lined with many shops and restaurants. It’s a pleasant stroll along the street enjoying coffee at Second Cup or Starbucks, or having lunch at a relaxed bistro or perhaps getting your nails done at one of the little shops located on the street. 




Whether it’s North Leaside or South Leaside each has its own appeal and they integrate well together. Much of the older housing consists of small two-bedroom bungalows on lots which range in width from 30 feet to 35 feet. When these bungalows come up for sale they are often purchased by builders who in turn build large two-storey four-bedroom homes in the $1.8 to $2.2 million range. So you can see how the neighborhood is changing into one of an exclusive nature. As well as bungalows there are many styles of two-storey homes, including detached and semi-detached. In South Leaside you’ll notice some Tudor style housing influence. Many of the houses were built with detached garage structures more so than attached garage although those do exist. Many of the new homes now incorporate built-in garages.

There are a handful of condominium and townhouse projects that have been built in the last decade with more to come, mostly in the peripheral parts of the neighbourhood. The Leaside industrial park, the eastern part of the neighbourhood, is changing too with more appeal to smaller enterprises and knowledge-based companies. New retail areas along Laird Avenue have been developed to serve the community with both shops and services, such as banks. You never have to leave the neighbourhood!


Leaside is home to the Leaside Memorial Community Gardens at Millwood Road which is a multi-recreational complex that houses an indoor ice arena and curling rink, indoor swimming pool and an auditorium.  Currently an expansion of the ice arena is being built with the help of active community fundraising.  There are many reasons to want to live in Leaside; simply drive through the area and you’ll see why.

In terms of transportation although it is not directly adjacent to the subway it’s a convenient bus ride to either the Pape, St. Clair, Davisville or Eglinton subway stations. The Eglinton Crosstown light rail system is being built over the next decade which will make commuting even more convenient and should increase property values even further.

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